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Class Syllabus

Orchestra Supply List

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The Sprayberry Orchestras wear formal uniforms for performances. It is imperative that everyone looks professional during all performances, including the correct dress, tux, apparel, and shoes/socks. Ladies wear a floor-length black dress with a scoop neck and men wear a tuxedo. All Orchestra Men WILL need a tuxedo jacket. You are welcome to find a gently worn dress or tuxedo of comparable style. If you show up to a concert without the correct attire, you will not be permitted to perform and will be counted as absent from the concert.

We do have a small number of dresses and tuxedos that have been generously donated to us from past students, though sizes are limited. If you cannot afford a dress, please contact Mr. Rodriguez and he will work to find you a dress!


Each lady is responsible for purchasing a dress that meets the requirements above. It is not necessary that you find an identical dress to the one pictured above, but it must look professional. The dress should be floor length, and no straps should be visible. In addition, you should practice playing in your dress to ensure that no mobility is lost for the concert. If you have any questions about the dress, please contact Mr. Rodriguez before purchasing. Note that nearly all dresses purchased online will need to be altered! Please allow ample time for any alterations that need to occur.


Each gentleman is responsible for purchasing tuxedo pants, shirt, bowtie, black socks and dress shoes. The pants must be formal in nature. Black jeans or Dockers style are not permitted. The tuxedo shirt should be wing tip (see picture above) and must fit well, as cummerbunds are no longer a requirement. The bowtie must be black. The shoes must also be black and formal. No tennis shoes. Please check that your tuxedo still fits from the year before; you are going to grow a lot from Freshman to Senior year, so plan accordingly. 

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